Ep. 0013 The Paranoyds

Shelby and Josh talk to Lexi and Staz from The Paranoyds. They create scowling,  grungy garage rock goodness with clap-along twee. These LA natives came on the show to talk about surreal experiences, songwriting,  and most importantly to announce their new sophomore LP, "Talk, Talk, Talk" via Third Man Records [Due out September 9, 2022]! 

Check out the music video for their new single, 'Lizzie' now!

Ep. 0012 The Feelies

Josh and Shelby call Glenn and Bill of The Feelies. This legendary band talks about their creative process, their perspective on success,  what it's been like to meet music icons and more. Your hosts also learned that when the phone is plugged into the charger it creates a helicopter sound.

Ep. 0011 Danny Gonzalez of Jacuzzi Boys

Chelby and Joosh talk to Danny Gonzalez, the bassist of Miami Garage Rock trio, Jacuzzi Boys. Danny shares what it's been like to record multiple records, tour periodically for over a decade, and open for The Raconteurs. Jacuzzi Boys just released two new jams via Third Man Records. Find them on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else. Follow @jacuzziboys for new tunes, tour dates, candids, videos, art pieces, and more. 

Song Credit: The Pits by Jacuzzi Boys

Ep. 0010 Nick Van Bakel of Bananagun

First Names talk to Nick Van Bakel of Bananagun, a Psychedelic 5-Piece hailing from Melbourne, Australia. They recently released their debut album, "The True Story of Bananagun" via UK indie label Full Time Hobby. They pair quite nicely with a good ceviche and are probably featured on Professor Trelawny's Spotify. Follow Bananagun [@bananagun_bananagram] on the internet's top social media applications and dance to their new record on Spotify, Bandcamp, and everywhere else. 

Song Credit: Out of Reach by Bananagun

Ep. 0009 Ron Gallo

Shelby and Josh speak to Ron Gallo of Ron Gallo via space age technology. Everything is chrome. Vehicles hurtle through the stratosphere. Ron talks about his new music, the role of ego, and adapting his creative process. He's a really nice guy who dives head first into whatever is inspiring him, and his music is evident of that. Watch him put out top notch content full of positive vibes @rongallo on social media platforms exclusively on the internet. 

Song Credit: You Are Enough by Ron Gallo

Ep. 0008 Tim Presley of White Fence

Tim Presley talks to Shelb and Jursh about his latest LP, why people should be kind, and how wearing shorts on stage is a pretty big gamble. Definitely check out the new record I Have to Feed Larry's Hawk. It is a repeat spin for sure. 

Song Credit: Fog City by Tim Presley, White Fence

Tim is electronically on social media platforms as: 

@white_fence_official & @tm_presley

Ep. 0007 Melenas

JT and Shrube chat with the members of Melenas via zoom. Melenas, hailing from Pamplona, Spain, speak on their creative process, the music scene in Pamplona, and their new record Dias Raros.

Song Credit: No Puedo Pensar by Melenas 

Follow them on the internets:



Ep. 0006 Frankie and the Witch Fingers

First Names call Dylan and Josh from Frankie and the Witch Fingers. They are on the social internet @frankieandthewitchfingers. Check out their pictures and treasures. 

Song Credit: Dracula Drug by Frankie and the Witch Fingers 

Ep. 0005 Go Kurosawa of Kikagaku Moyo

The boys interview Go Kurosawa in an Austin, Texas hotel lobby! Go is the drummer and co-vocalist of  Psych-Rock band Kikagaku Moyo. He talks about learning drums by jamming with his friends on the streets of Japan, how Kikagaku Moyo approaches songwriting, and what it has been like running their record label Guruguru Brain. Keep up with them on the internetz @kikagaku.moyo! 

Ep. 0004 Shana Falana

The lads interview shoegaze band Shana Falana! We chatted about songwriting, gear, and navigating the music industry. Follow them on Instagram @shanafalana! 

Ep. 0003 Gabby's World

In this episode Joshua and Shelbeniah speak to Gabby Smith of Gabby's World. Gabby talks in depth about her songwriting process. how she approaches recording, and how specific sounds seem to come from different parts of the U.S. Follow Gabby's World on Instagram @itsgabbysworld.

Ep. 0002 TC Superstar