Originally from Indianapolis, IN., garage fuzz two piece First Names has gone through many iterations before landing on the current lineup of core members Shelby Kanouse (Vocals, Drums) and Josh Taylor (Vocals, Guitar). "We've been playing music together since the sixth grade talent show with a bunch of people coming in and out along the way, but we just kinda never stopped." said Taylor. This steadfastness eventually saw them playing shows around Indianapolis and to their most recent foray which lands them in Austin, TX. where they wrote and produced their debut LP The Living Room. The band is currently playing shows, filming their own music videos, and writing new fuzz soaked narratives.

Alternative Bio: 

Cringey boys Shelby Kanouse and Josh Taylor have eaten many exotic foods and experienced many rich and extravagant cultures. After being presented the keys to many small cities they moved to Austin to expand their reach to a more rural people. Every song on their premier LP, The Living Room, is a critical piece in their garage fuzz epic. This album, described as "Music to eat pudding to in the back of an Astrovan" by Country Living Magazine has done much to help the band gain a rabid fan base. You can find the band perusing a local farmer's market on any given weekend afternoon. Or maybe at Home Depot.